Overseeding is the process of planting new grass seeds in areas where the grass is thin or patchy. Here are some details about overseeding services:

1. Seed selection: The type of grass seed that is used for overseeding will depend on the climate and the type of soil in the area. It’s important to choose a seed that is appropriate for your specific location.

2. Preparation: Before overseeding, the area should be prepared by loosening the soil and removing any weeds or debris. The soil should also be moistened to help the seeds germinate.

3. Application: The seeds can be applied by hand or using a seed spreader. It’s important to follow the recommended application rate for the specific seed being used.

4. Aftercare: After overseeding, the area should be kept moist to help the seeds germinate. The grass should be mowed as needed, but be sure to avoid mowing the grass too short until it has had a chance to establish itself.

Overseeding can help to improve the appearance and thickness of your lawn, and hiring a professional service can ensure that the job is done properly.


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