The Self-Sufficient Backyard System:

Created by off-gridders Ron Melchiore and Johanna, is a comprehensive guide to transforming your home into a self-sufficient and profitable homestead.

  • Co-authored by off-grid experts Ron Melchiore and Johanna, the Self-Sufficient Backyard System is a comprehensive guide to transform homeowners into self-sufficient individuals with extra income.
  • The guide includes over 100 DIY projects, such as a self-heating greenhouse, basement crop, mini chicken coop, windowsill medicinal garden, battery trick, independent water source, under-kitchen root cellar, indoor suspended food growing system, backyard beehive, and stove providing free pressurized water.
  • The Self-Sufficient Backyard System contains colored pictures and clear instructions for each project.
  • Ron and Johanna’s 40 years of off-grid experience helps readers become less reliant on pharmacies and grocery chains.
  • The guide helps transform a typical house into a profitable homestead on a small piece of land.
  • Charcoal is a valuable resource for self-sufficiency and can be used for various purposes, including creating an energy-free fridge.
  • The book discusses the legality of rainwater collection, with guidance on how to legally collect rainwater and other self-sufficiency projects.
  • Limited physical copies of The Self-Sufficient Backyard are available.